05 November 2008

Chag yOmBAMA Sameach!

Yesterday was my favorite day for 2 (ok, 4 reasons):

1. Election Day -- including parties, dressing up, inspiration and happiness, with a heaping happy Obama victory on top!
2. Free Ice Cream at Ben and Jerry's
3. Free Krispy Kremes in Penn Station -- the Kosher Krispy Kreme!
4. Free cup of Starbucks coffee

Below are pictures depicting my carefully mapped day of freebies, interspersed between 2 jobs, a lunch meeting, school, 2 parties, New Jersey, Manhattan and Brooklyn!

Rafi tells me that they gave freebies away to everyone, because you can't give away stuff for elections. That explains the free coffee for everybody day, Meredith. No sticker? No problem!

First, Krispy Kreme at Penn Station.Red, White and Blue Sprinkles on a Star Donut

Picking up coffee at a Starbucks in Midtown 30s, across from my office, while I wait for Meredith to meet me.

Meredith and I celebrate, um...democracy in our offices' shared elevator! I love that I work in her building almost as much as we both love free donuts.
We're like the Barack Obamas of free stuff on election day!
After a short wait, I get my huuuuuge 2-scoop Democracy Cone at Ben & Jerry's at 43rd and 8th.
They'll give you whatever flavor you like -- Strawberry Cheesecake is sooooo good!

It was a good night. My Zayde told me today that all but ONE of his grandchildren voted for Obama (keeping VA, DC, FL, and MA BLUE!), which distressed him. Naturally, we know which brother voted for McCain. Whatever, though. McCain lost.

Zayde and Bubbie may think that Obama is "a charlatan and a liar" this Rahm Emanuel guy should have NEVER gone to their shul for the High Holidays, but I believe in change. I believe that change will prove them wrong.

Mazal Tov, Barack! Let's make every day, for the next 8 years, yOmBAMA!

04 November 2008


Today is Election Day.

People I respect have gone out and campaigned door-to-door in NH for Obama, and voted early against Obama's tax plan in Broward County. I respect both of them, but hope one ends up counting more than the other...

My absentee ballot gave me a facial paper cut over 2 weeks ago, but hopefully it'll get counted this time.

I'm wearing red, white and blue.

I'm planning on getting free coffee at Starbucks, a free cone at Ben and Jerry's, and a free Krispy Kreme if they have any outlets left in NYC.

I'm going to parties in Brooklyn and the UWS, and probably on the UES to say hi to my old friend Daniel.

I'm excited and nervous.

I'm demanding that you vote, if you are eligible and here.

Best of luck, Obama.

Vote for Change!