11 February 2009

Im Yirtzeh HaShem By YOU!

My Bro and Bro-Bro (Rebecca's nickname) are engaged!

If they had gotten engaged in Israel, or at my school, people would say stuff like (Note: Hebrew translations are liberal, at best.):
1. Im Yirtzeh HaShem by you (Maybe God will want you to get married soon, too)
2. B'sha'ah tovah (All in good time, let's make sure the evil eye doesn't think we're too excited)
3. Od yishama b'areh Yehudah... (JTS fight song, let's rejoice in the cities of Judah, because another Jewish boy and another Jewish girl somehow managed to decide to get married)
4. MaZal tov! (Wheeeeeeeeee! - #4 also applies in the real world, where real is outside of JTS-land.)

Outside of JTS and Israel, there are these questions:
5. When are YOU getting married? (Response: Not today, as I am tired.)
6. When is the wedding? (Response: Sometime in the next 7 years, since they've been dating for that long.)
7. Were you surprised? (Response: As previously stated, they have been dating for 7 years, so you can IMAGINE my surprise.)
8. Will you be a bridesmaid? (Response: Not if it involves dresses that are brown.)