17 December 2008

Holiday Cheer and Winter is Here!

I haven't written in forever, and I have to get back to working on my finals.

For now, I would like you to visit this delightful link, courtesy of Jewschool.com. Before you visit the link, however, you should have your sense of humor ready and your openness to the wonder that you can take Jewish ritual and make them your own. Liturgy is very adaptable! And, when all else fails, Lizzie (a friend from my Israel year) has a truly beautiful voice. Enjoy!

Here are two pictures of things that I've been up to lately:
1. Tons of time with Rafi's family:
Ahh, good times....

2. WINTER! Yay!
Everything about this picture makes me happy.

05 November 2008

Chag yOmBAMA Sameach!

Yesterday was my favorite day for 2 (ok, 4 reasons):

1. Election Day -- including parties, dressing up, inspiration and happiness, with a heaping happy Obama victory on top!
2. Free Ice Cream at Ben and Jerry's
3. Free Krispy Kremes in Penn Station -- the Kosher Krispy Kreme!
4. Free cup of Starbucks coffee

Below are pictures depicting my carefully mapped day of freebies, interspersed between 2 jobs, a lunch meeting, school, 2 parties, New Jersey, Manhattan and Brooklyn!

Rafi tells me that they gave freebies away to everyone, because you can't give away stuff for elections. That explains the free coffee for everybody day, Meredith. No sticker? No problem!

First, Krispy Kreme at Penn Station.Red, White and Blue Sprinkles on a Star Donut

Picking up coffee at a Starbucks in Midtown 30s, across from my office, while I wait for Meredith to meet me.

Meredith and I celebrate, um...democracy in our offices' shared elevator! I love that I work in her building almost as much as we both love free donuts.
We're like the Barack Obamas of free stuff on election day!
After a short wait, I get my huuuuuge 2-scoop Democracy Cone at Ben & Jerry's at 43rd and 8th.
They'll give you whatever flavor you like -- Strawberry Cheesecake is sooooo good!

It was a good night. My Zayde told me today that all but ONE of his grandchildren voted for Obama (keeping VA, DC, FL, and MA BLUE!), which distressed him. Naturally, we know which brother voted for McCain. Whatever, though. McCain lost.

Zayde and Bubbie may think that Obama is "a charlatan and a liar" this Rahm Emanuel guy should have NEVER gone to their shul for the High Holidays, but I believe in change. I believe that change will prove them wrong.

Mazal Tov, Barack! Let's make every day, for the next 8 years, yOmBAMA!

04 November 2008


Today is Election Day.

People I respect have gone out and campaigned door-to-door in NH for Obama, and voted early against Obama's tax plan in Broward County. I respect both of them, but hope one ends up counting more than the other...

My absentee ballot gave me a facial paper cut over 2 weeks ago, but hopefully it'll get counted this time.

I'm wearing red, white and blue.

I'm planning on getting free coffee at Starbucks, a free cone at Ben and Jerry's, and a free Krispy Kreme if they have any outlets left in NYC.

I'm going to parties in Brooklyn and the UWS, and probably on the UES to say hi to my old friend Daniel.

I'm excited and nervous.

I'm demanding that you vote, if you are eligible and here.

Best of luck, Obama.

Vote for Change!

30 October 2008

How Do You REALLY Feel, SBB?

It's been nearly a month, and I've been percolating all of my high holidays-with-a-broken-tush stories, but for now, I'd like to introduce you to:

How Do You REALLY Feel, SBB?

Tonight, I watched Barack Obama on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (whilst doing homework, mind you). It was so nice to see a potential president (please!?) talk about having a beer with his enemies, and know that one beer won’t send him off of the wagon like the current Idiot, er, President of the United States of America. It was also nice to see him coming live from Sunrise, Florida, where I used to go to the Ice Skating rink, cheap movies, and, in later, better, years – Target! It was delightful to hear him talk about the Bradley Effect, the theory that white people say they will vote for a black person, but then, when they’re in the booth, they vote for whitey because they’re secretly racist. Stewart’s and Obama’s exchange about Obama’s white half fighting with his black half when he is in the booth was priceless.

I know that some of you have absenteed for McCain already, and that’s fine. When Palin is president and uteruses become safe havens for moose being hunted, I’ll be sure to take comfort in knowing that tax breaks for the rich and embarrassment on the world stage can greet me for the next 4, or cringe, 8 years.

But who are we kidding? Obama is awesome. He’s intelligent. He’s pretty hilarious, a lawyer, a husband, a father, and a hard worker who isn’t likely to die soon. He’s not a Muslim, an Arab, a gypsy or computer illiterate. If there’s going to be somebody in the White House, shouldn’t it be someone who is intelligent, and whose second-in-command is experienced, wise, and not a super-Right crazy person?

Obama / Biden 2008. Seriously.

29 September 2008

Shanah Tovah!

I know I haven't written in a long time. But it's Rosh Hashanah in a few hours -- the Jewish new year.

My year has been going ok, except that I broke my tailbone last week.

In good news, I'm in New Orleans, because Rafi and Elie are doing services at Tulane. In other good news, I was able to survive the flight with just a little help from some tush-pain bustin' candy that I so happily received on Wednesday night after the fall down a half a flight of stairs in my silly UWS building.

I look to this year with trepidation as I read stories about the state of US finance, of the election (I reallllly don't like this Palin chick), of getting a real, fulltime job (Hopefully with dental!). I rather like being a student, and I'll miss JTS when I leave.

I hope this new year is a good one -- for me, for you. I am sorry if I wronged you -- did I wrong you? Does a post on my fallow blob count as an apology? Due to my recent face-down status, that's all you're getting. Sorry...Again. Oh well, it is the season for forgiveness.

I also hope this new year brings financial security to me, in the form of a full-time job in May, and to my country, in the form of the market not falling into an increasingly 1929-esque oblivian.

Finally, I hope for happiness and celebration in the new year, which I know I'll get, at least, when my tush stops aching whenever I sit down.

11 September 2008

Now, With More Aspartame!

Let's make something perfectly clear. I love Dunkin' Donuts. I love their donuts, I love their fridges of chocolate milks. I love that I went there on a weekly basis when I worked in Greenwich, and I loved that my home Rabbi supervised their kashrut so I could eat Dunkin' Donuts at my shul. Which I did. Often.

This morning, I found that when I emerged from the train station on the way to NJ (more about my secret love of the reverse commute, coming soon!), I walk practically into a DD. So today, after my crazy night, which consisted of moving furniture from Brooklyn to my apt at midnight, and carrying things like entire bookcases on my apparently strong back, I needed some coffee.

I ordered a medium, which apparently, in the words of one of my favorite comedians, is more like "coffee for 15 people." I guess I am used to the costly Starbucks medium, which is called grande, which means big in Spanish, but is like the size of frat-boy-cups. Dunkin' gives you a deal: about a gallon of coffee. And DD is cheaper, too.

I am glad I got the coffee, don't get me wrong. But I was shocked at the taste. Even with milk and Splenda, coffee is just kind of gross. What I didn't realize, when ordering my family-sized jug of coffee is that I prefer coffee with "Lite Vanilla Hazelnut Fat-Free Syrup-Type Product: Now, With More Aspartame!"

Lesson learned.

I could've just found a DD logo. This one makes me happier, though. gOBAMA'08!
(Source: http://www.diminishingreturns.net/wp/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/obama_runs_on_dunkin1.jpg)

08 September 2008

Leap Year = Pregnant Year (in Hebrew)

So, my Hebrew class at JTS is (surprise!) actually not too bad. I can now understand Hebrew conversations, and my teacher is smart, quick and hilarious. I am currently exploring my Israeli accent, and I find it fades in and out. I am more likely to read like an American, but speak like a 'raeli, and if I learned the word or phrase before I went to Israel, chances are I'll say it like I learned it.

Today in class we were talking about Jewish Leap Years, vs. Solar Leap Years. I know, it doesn't sound so engaging, but...my teacher explained that the word for "Leap Year" in Hebrew is actually a biblical term for pregnancy, a "pregnant year." There was some fiddling around with Hebrew verbs in conversation, and then, she said this, more or less, in Hebrew:

"But not like what happened to the daughter of Palin. Nobody talks like that, says she was 'made pregnant.' She was 'entered into pregnancy' by that boy."

There was a (pregnant) pause. Did my teacher just make a joke about the would-be VP who tried to ban Harry Potter books (and pretty much the entirety of any respectable cultural literacy reading list) in Wasilla, AK? (Thanks, Metafilter.) (Apparently, she didn't try to ban all of those books. Snopes* says so.)

She totally did.

Things are looking up in the world.

*Snopes? I think I'm turning into my mother! Gah!

02 September 2008

Waxing Political // Miss JSU

I love waxing political on occasion, and I've been getting trained more and more in this vein by Rafi. I figure this will upset 2 or 3 of my 7 or so readers (Hi dad, Rafi's parents, the Israeli family, Meredith, people with Google Reader and Melanie!), but what the hey, school starts tomorrow and I need to have fun now, so here goes.

Sarah Palin is the Republican VP nominee. Taking into account my limited grasp of the subject of nominating people for VP of a serious, gigantic world power, here was my take:

1. She governs more reindeer than people. (Just this past summer, I governed 120 of the world's most terrific 12-year olds...)
2. She is pro-life, pro-guns and pro-drilling. (I like living, but prefer choice, am a good shot, but am pro gun control, and I think our dependency on oil needs to go...)
3. She's been governor for less than 2 years. (I have been in grad school for more than 2 years...)
4. I'm not entirely convinced that living and studying in Alaska and Idaho prepares you to be worldly and meet with foreign dignitaries. (I have lived in Israel, New York, and Florida...)
5. Isn't McCain a little old to be picking such an inexperienced running mate? (None of my moles were as bad as the ones he had removed...)
6. All other things considered, Republican family members, is she really any good for Israel, your reason for being Conservative. (I love Israel AND I'm pro-choice AND I'm smart AND I'm female!)

Then I read this article (insert waxing joke here), as linked on a favorite gossip blog of mine, Pink is the New Blog.

I then decided, that since I was also a first runner up in a beauty pageant, and an excellent shot (thanks, CBR!), then maybe I should be VP.

Then I realized that I have not had a future grandchild announcement from my 17-year-old daughter,(b'shaah tovah to the whole family!) so maybe I wouldn't make such a good VP. Hooray for abstinence-only education! Wheee!

The night I was crowned first runner up of the UF Miss JSU 2004 pageant.
In case you're wondering, I didn't have a real talent, so I did stand-up.
Another Sara won the grand prize for political reasons.
And no, I am not making this up.

31 August 2008

"I Am Delicious" + Drool = Nephew

Since I've been out of camp, I have been back and forth between NY, NJ, upstate, the city, Rockland County, Boston and DC. I am currently on my way back from Boston, as official move-in day to my new place is tomorrow! And school is on Tuesday!

On the Mall, with the Capitol behind me. See, I WAS in DC.
Further DC proof, with the Washington Monument.

The DC trip was months in the making (8 mos, yesterday, in fact!) as my adorable nephew was born on 30 December 2007. Sadly, he wasn't born on 28 December, which would've made us quasi-twins, but I still totally dig him. At 10lbs, 2oz when he was born, allegedly lifting his head at 2 days, Aaron (or, as I generally refer to him, "Aharon" or "AK") is now a 25lb stander, and near-walker. He's happy, and he laughs in quick, short bursts. He started "talking" to me immediately and generally seemed to enjoy my presence.

To ensure that he continues to like me, I bought him a plush giraffe that serves as a toy, a pillow and a blanket. I'm a little embarrassed that my mandatory AEPhi-enforced giraffe affinity has managed to creep into my practice of buying my nephew presents, 8 years (!) after I rushed that beacon of glitter and salad.

I had a few hours to hang out in DC proper, when I wasn't at baby gym (hilarious), Old Town Alexandria (delightful + GAP outlet), or other places suburban. I went to see the Muppets exhibit in the Smithsonian and met up with old friends -- Leah, from PIP 99, Nugs from Ski Mayim Wheee Drop Our Skis 04, and Leasy from the entirety of SoFL childhood.

Alas, I did not think to take pictures of all of these delightful friends. Below are pictures of this visit, with the most delightful and drooly of nephews, 2/3 of my brothers, my one and only sister-in-law, and 2 pictures that PROVE I was indeed, in DC.

"I am delicious."
"I am delightful."
"I am huge!"

"I am the king of baby gym."

Ben is a father, and also sees himself as king of the baby gym.

CJ and I enjoy AK at the local Cosi.My Oldest and Youngest brothers, looking oddly professional.

"My aunt bought me a toy. Back off!"

"I love my aunt. Really!"

28 August 2008

Hebrew Success!

I just had my meeting with the director of the JTS Hebrew Department about the materials I studied last year.

The whole meeting was conducted 99% in Hebrew (I didn't remember the word for "proofreader's notes"), and it went swimmingly. He was pleased that I was the nerd in ulpan at Hebrew U who actually asked grammar questions, and was pleased with my grasp of the one article we discussed in depth.

One more semester of Hebrew in NYC and I'm DONE with Hebrew! (Where DONE = not really fluent, but a master nevertheless.)

In other news, I'm not allowed to talk to my assistant dean in English anymore, as I have demonstrated my fluency to her as well.


26 August 2008

F is for Florida (or Fay) (or Family)

I went to Florida last week. It was a good time, especially after being in NYC, and doing lots of the things I wanted to do in NYC, like experience Seacaucus Junction, which, oops, is actually in New Jersey?! The highlight of my journey to FL? I wasn't, for once, substantially delayed, but I certainly broke my big, red suitcase.

Also, I was happily seated next to a girl who (a) didn't realize she'd be fired from her summer camp, (b) talked too much, and (c) said the following sentence, which I can't possibly be making up: "Buenos Aires! That's in Spain!"

And then I was in Florida:

An arrival celebration for Mark (right) and me! We join Alex (left) for Jamba Juice, where I satisfy my guilt over using styrofoam cups by telling the cash register high schooler that she should suggest plastic to her manager.

What did I do in Florida? Well, I played with my grandparents. They're terrific! All three of them are great in their own ways. One of my grandparents, my unstoppable Bubbie, was celebrating her 90th (yes, ninetieth!) birthday! My mom hosted a big party with my Chicago family, including my favorite delicacies and a Publix cake (The best bakery ever. End of story. I LOVE Publix!). Later in my week at home, on Bubbie's actual birthday, I joined my grandparents and my Boston family at a lovely dinner in her honor. I'm really lucky to spend time with them, and I relished the moments.

My brothers, dad, uncle, cousins and I went to a Marlins game. The highlight of the game was playing around with the baby sitting in front of Mark. She was fascinated by his cup of soda. She wanted it. Badly. Priceless picture is here:

Cup-lovin' baby! (Hours of endless amusement for family fun!)

Mark, with beautiful cousins Neil and Lizzie.

Did I mention that a lot of this was during a tropical storm? Tropical Storm Fay was so lame, however, that I went to the mall and to Boca. Twice.

Pre-storm, Mark and I checked out Bed Bath and Beyond, where we found the world's largest remotes for sale...
...and I use it to tune the nearest BB&B TV!

I also saw a lot of friends in South Florida. It was nice seeing everybody.

With this, apparently, I make the true jump into to blobbing in my real life, post-Israel. Let the musings of a twentysomething grad student commence, as I am surely the first of my kind to have a blob. Well, maybe a blob, if not a blog.

25 August 2008

Trains, Planes and Israeli Coffee in NYC

My travel karma this summer has been monumentally bad. I left camp on Sunday afternoon, after not sleeping for more than a few hours a night for about 2 weeks. On the ride into ATL, there was talk of all tri-state area flights being canceled. Not too concerned, I put in a call to my airline, and they told me that I was delayed, but I still needed to check in as if my flight were leaving on time. Hours upon hours later, I got to Newark, and dragged my belongings from the airport out to Rockland county, where I finally saw my best friend and pretty immediately, passed out face-first on a couch.

Just one of the many train trips with my silly, hot bag (of blessed memory). Also, Meredith is awesome!

No rest for the weary, though, because the next day I was off to NYC's Grand Central, by way of Penn Station, and therefore, Times Square, in order to get to the camp whose NJ office will be the site of my year-long internship. Decked out in my brand-new camp fleece, received just the day before, I set off bright and early to catch a train into the city, so I could transfer to catch a train out of the city. (Was that enough tri-state name-dropping to spin your head?) As the train pulled into Penn Station, I looked around me. The tall buildings! The saucy attitudes! The ridiculous outfits! I was in Manhattan!

After checking the outbound train schedule, I saw that I had some time to get to my upstate-bound train. I took advantage of the time, and walked above-ground to Grand Central. Taking in Midtown is something one can only do in moderation, but I fell into step with my fellow New Yorkers, smiling at the disgusting subway air updrafts, giggling at street performers and marveling at taxis cutting each other off. I took the train up to camp, had a great time, and came back.

Exhaustion hadn't set in at this point -- it was well-established. Stumbling through my daze, I made my way to the Shuttle, and got on the train. I sat down, and saw the ads for abbreviated BA degrees, the latest in paperback fiction and the posters of MTA-sponsored arts and poetry. As 15 people dashed through the doors, just as they were closing, I grinned. That smell! Those people! This sound of screeching trains on tracks! My first subway ride in a year, and I was HOME.

Aroma ba'ir -- New York that is.
How weird is it to see Aroma's logo in English?
Also, I ordered in Hebrew!
I needed some Aroma to get me through this trip!

29 July 2008

Goats and Butts and Old Friends

A day off in pictures. I spent the afternoon with my GLittle, Sheri, my old friend Ilene, and Ilene's boyfriend, who passed muster. Here's what we did in Buford and Tiger, GA, and points in between.

Just after my landmark discovery of a cement plaque stating the 10 commandments at the entrance to the farmer's market ("I FOUND it! So THAT'S where the 2 tablets went!"), we take a We Are Cute picture inside on some normal-sized, and kid-sized, rocking chairs.
Stretch golf carts are necessary for riding out to conquer the peach fields.
We really love the peaches.
Our li'l basket. Only $10.30 for about 30 ripe, furry peaches.

Sheri caresses the "butt."
"Hi. I'm Ilene. I have no respect for the beauty of my adopted state's fruit. I will bite it."
Seeing the forest for the trees, as it were.
"If you build it, he will come."
Of COURSE you have an outhouse for storage and picture-taking purposes.
Of COURSE you do!

Finally, we stopped at Goats on the Roof, which is not to be confused with "Oats on the Roof," due to my poor camera aim. I just wanted to catch the goat. On the roof. Notice how the roof has sod on it. That's right. Sod.

I cannot explain Goats on the Roof. You'll just have to drive to nowheresville, GA to check it out. The t-shirts and fudge are worth it. Also, the goats are worth it.

27 July 2008

The Chickens Are Restless

Weeks ago, my counselors, like so many Far Side chickens, started getting restless. I will spare you (for mainly legal reasons) the stuff they pulled. Regardless, you are required (where you = Rosh Eidah), to plan fun activities for your counselors. Even if some of them are so poorly behaved and generally unstellar*, you = Rosh Eidah, must be FUN! HAPPY! and UNFLAGGINGLY POSITIVE!

So, I booked a group climb on the Odyssey, this big wood-and-ropes-and-cables thing that is, as you will see, a recipe for disaster. After I booked the Odyssey, however, there was a change in camp plans. "Early to Bed!" we shouted from the rooftops. "Get to sleep when your kids do," we proclaimed. "Cancel your staff bonding," I was told. Sadly, I called off the fun. "No fun for you," I said. And like the Soup Nazi's methodology predicted, fun was most definitely not had.

Hello. I am the Odyssey.
I may look like fun, but I am, in reality, a recipe for disaster.

I rescheduled the staff Odyssey for 2nd session, which was sad because my first-session-only staff member missed her chance, but happy because another, less delightful counselor, had left the day before. It was Monday night. Most people hate Mondays. I cheer from the rooftops, as the counselors that are not off on Mondays are the hardest-working, least-negative, and generally most awesome people on this lovely green earth (see asterisk).

Monday afternoon comes, and the camp's 5K gets canceled due to a very large and unsightly thunderstorm. I was up and down, left and right, in and out, trying to get kids out of the way of some really mean lightening. Then, I had to deal with a big camper issue. Issue in order, I proceeded to all-camp shira / songfest, and afterwards to the babysitting center at camp, where we were hosting the peulat erev / evening program. Cutting it close, as we often do, we managed to parse the program time down so that the kids were in their bunks, getting ready for a few scanty minutes before the staff was supposed to be off to the Odyssey. The entire camp was dripping with moisture.

Caution! Slippery when wet!

I made my way down to the dark Odyssey pit, chattering with the tower staff. We had Daniel, Rosh Daniels (a group of useful non-bunk staff at camp, meaning they live in hotels and pitch in a lot), and two of my own staff members to run us through the course. As I put on my harness, I was reminded of my days as an occasional rappelling counselor at CBR, Your Mountain Of Fun! (Fun Not Included For Staff Members). When Daniel tightened my harness, however, I was left with a terrible sensation. My one butt had been separated into four distinct sections. Harnesses are not flattering!

My staff trickled in, and we gathered a group of 7 of us, plus my male tower counselor, to go on the top of the Odyssey. The rest of the program was a blur of slipping, sliding, grabbing, squealing, huffing, puffing, smiling (that was my most smiley counselor). All I know is this: the tower was wet, at least one of my staff eschews deodorant, I have fairly good balance, and getting across a wire maze up at like 30 feet is a special task.

The offending wires, and the wooden bars that made half of my trip possible.

After getting across the first section, tied tightly (and sort of unwillingly) to my employees, we started on the next one. We were doing well, until we reached the wire incline. One of my staff members, a truly terrific incoming college freshman, lost his footing. Like so many bowling pins, we all fell backward toward the deep, dark night, thrown back by the first person to fall. Don't get me wrong. We were hooked up, each individually, to about 1,000 lbs of weight-bearing aircraft aluminum, ropes, and wires. So, while we didn't go far, all 6 of my non-climbing staff members in my group ended up on top of me, their weight on top of a wire, and my shin and knee just below the wire. The impact of 6 adults' weight on that cable was heavy, and I ended the evening unable to move my right leg.

After a quick evaluation ("I can't move it, but I can move my toes. Leg's not broken. Good. Good...OUCH! I can't bear weight!") We decided to make a quick retreat. So, using 2 arms, 1 leg, and a whole lot of swinging my (four) butt(s) for leverage, my counselors pulled me back to the rope climb. I couldn't believe how it had turned out for me. At the bottom, I radioed to get picked up in a golf cart. A friend picked me up (and two of my other counselors) and drove me to raid the kitchen for ice. I iced my leg, and then recognized the signs of a bone bruise.

Last week, you could see me limping around camp. Walking has gotten easier...But my leg, well, my leg will be painful for 5 months, whenever I bang it. Yay for bone bruises!

My leg was feeling better, but I was still ready to take my reaction picture in broad daylight.

A staff meeting with the asterisk counselors became a planning session for a protest to reclaim canteen, as one bunk had lost the privilege when they didn't pick up their lost and found. The planning came complete with football-play diagrams on the conference room markerboard.
What do we want?
When do we want it?
What do we want?
When do we want it?

*FYI, the vast majority of my staff is excellent.

14 July 2008


Want to know what I've been up to?

In my ample free time (hahahahaha ample) I get to chat online with my baby brother, as we're planning a trip to good old Florida to see the family. He sent me an article from a wonderful newspaper about how there is a phenomenon in Japan of dying from overworking. This happens so frequently that it has its own word. Before you read on, keep in mind my love of hyperbole. I tend to sleep at least 6 hours a night. And, contrary to my complaint-filled existence, I really, truly, love my job.

Anyway, read on:

Mark: hahaha well more that i just never CAN take off
i just read this story about how in japan ppl are dying from working overtime
to the point where they ahve a word for it
1:19 PM me: wow
is it called -- being japanese is like being a camp counselor?
1:22 PM Mark:
1:23 PM "karoshi" is the japanese word for working oneself to death
apparently working overtime to the point of heart failure isnt that uncommon there
i read that and i thought " hot damn am i glad i was born in such a lazy country!!"
1:24 PM me: hahaha
1:25 PM there's "rosh" in the middle of that word
Mark: hahahahaha
me: YES
Mark: that's terrible, but a valid point

09 July 2008

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Time keeps marching on, as I go to sleep knowing my new campers start arriving in the morning...Here's what's been ticking as the clock has been tocking:

I could write about all of my great experiences at camp thus far. I could write about my joking requests to return to my 2004 Rosh Ski Mayim (waterskiing) position. I could tell you about my Snickers-a-day habit that is kept in check because I live at the top of a mountain. I could tell you about my affinity for lounge pants at camp, and how my campers asked me if I owned anything other than sweatpants.

Instead, I will leave you with snapshots of my life, with detailed captions. What's making me tick this summer? What was the best present I've received this summer? What's "the new black," as I like say? Say tuned!

The best part of my eidah's visit to the zoo was taking pictures of the flamingos. I liked these two guys, because they were sleeping while the whole crowd in the back was playing loudly. They live their life in a way that I cannot while at camp.

Day off in Asheville. First stop? Coffeeshop housed in an old London double-decker school bus!

The Asheville Flatiron and Flatiron building. No, I am not making this up.

Pig and Sigg.
Pig from Meredith. Sigg for myself. I got the Sigg because it's the most annoying colored water bottle I could find. As for the pig, to quote Meredith: "A little treif for the hadar ochel." The pig makes squeaking noises. Delightful!

After complaining that I kept my underwear in a plastic bag on some shelves, they went out and got me drawers for my room. I also use them for sunblock storage...

Happy happy joy joy I got a dehumidifier! It was on the same request list as the drawers.
Things to consider about this: it only took 5 weeks, it's small and mighty, it makes me happy, and I'm a little concerned that it filled the dehumidifying bucket with like a gallon and a half of water in less than 2 days. I suppose my room just WAS that humid, and that I wasn't complaining unnecessarily.

There she is, folks, just out of the box! She's a fresh one, ain't she?

That's on my dehumidifier's directions. Yes. Correct. Do not use in "damp environment".
Also, do not wear your sunblock in the sun, or your seatbelt in the car, or your helmet when riding a bike...

First week Shabbat-a-grams. Note that I wrote the one on top 100% in Hebrew!
This past week, my Shabbat-a-grams involved rubber, latex and a lot of hot air -- that's right! Punch balls for my tzevet! Whee!