14 May 2009

Going to Beautiful Lengths!

First: In 2005, I donated my hair through Locks of Love. I gave 12 inches, and I said I would NEVER donate my hair again.
That's a foot of perfectly crazylong hair!
The results, in 2005.

Second: Let's get back to Israel a little bit.

Last year, I lived in Israel. And one of my issues was my Hebrew illiteracy. One of the many resulting fall-outs from my faltering speech was that I couldn't get a haircut. OK, I could have, but I didn't know how to say, "please don't give me a mullet" in Hebrew. (I hope that images page defines the word in a way that wiki never could...) Israelis sometimes have some weird opinions in hairstyle, and while I do know some beautiful Israelis, I wasn't going to go to some random hair stylist / sapar, who was going to make me look all "Disco, Disco" (obligatory Zohan reference), leaving me looking unlike myself.

So I decided to grow my hair over the year, and when April rolled around, I knew enough Hebrew to say "just a trim," and by then my hair was getting pretty long. I decided to keep growing it, instead of cutting it all off. I decided to go back on my word...
That's great lengths, right there! Thanks, JN for taking these pics an hour before my haircut!
Much less gross than when I donated it last time. This was silky smooth donation hair.

We wrote these end-of-year cards in one of my classes in September, and on the back, I'd written "nice haircut" because I thought by the end of the school year, I would have donated my hair. I was wrong.

I was going to get my hair cut with my friend EG, but the place where I did my LOL cut in 2005 wasn't into taking people like me anymore. EG got in and went on Lag BaOmer, my original plan, as it is a traditional time in the Jewish year to get a haircut - part way between Passover and Shavuot. Since there is a tradition to get haircuts on any day after Lag BaOmer, I decided that I would go for a complimentary cut at Mark Garrison Salon. They do half-price Pantene Beautiful Lengths donations on a few days a week (including Tuesdays), but FREE on Wednesdays, so I went for the unemployed grad student option...

Hiroshi separated my hair into 8-inch sections, and since I was without my wingman Meredith, nobody took pictures of this part, and you'll just have to take my word for it. I looked like an octopus.

A measure here, and a snip there, a measure there, and a snip here, and I looked like a big sectioned crazy person. Brie from Roslyn washed my choppy remnants, and then Hiroshi went to work.

I have been denuded.

My hair is in an envelope, going off to make wigs for women who have lost their hair due to illness.

And I look FABULOUS!

I am pretty happy with the cut, and I'm sooo stoked my hair looks good with the little clip again!
Yeah. I really like my haircut!
Right after the cut, featuring my two lovely rings - old and new!

No More Thesisizing!

We're missing one blogger in this lovely picture, but here are the lovely ladies of Davidson, who turned in their thesis on this day. I should've posted this sooner:

We're graduating in a week from today.
Mazals to MB, MCY, SBB, EG, YA and RS (not pictured)!

Also, thanks to the (then) Boyfriend and the lovely friends from SkiTeam for celebrating at our post-thesisizing party. I didn't take a pic with JHD and Arthur and their token J-friend, but they definitely came the farthest out of their way to play at the party!

Then-boyfriend! GREAT picture!
Instructor, Bellayre connection, SBB and honorary ski-team member Rafi!


Just in case you don't know this:

After a lovely dinner at the place we went to on our first date, where Rafi said lovely things, and I was happy, and he was happy, and then everyone was happy, and now:

Rafi and I are getting MARRIED!


A lovely photo of us together!
The night-of picture!

Stay tuned for info about B/L 2010 - The Greatest Merger of Our Time!