13 January 2009

Photo Essay 2 (FL)

I haven't been able to write recently and people like updates, so...

1. I finished my finals so I could go away for break, got myself a muppet-sweater as a present, and then it snowed!
100% Muppet!There was snow behind me. I was really excited!

2. I went on a cruise.
The fun that only a muster drill can provide. Allow me introduce Team Overeat!Proof of: (1) Cruise. (2) Bahamas.
3. I went to FL for a LONG time.
Lauren and I enjoy some Bayside!
Lauren learns about health-fungus from our old friend Matt!

The illustrious X approves of Rafi!
Always happy to see the old staples.
Missing our third...

4. Had my birthdays, both Hebrew and English.
My birthday was on the 5th night of Chanukah (thanks to Gloria and David for showing me that), but I didn't take a cute chanukiyah picture with Rafi on that night, so you get the idea.
Dad and I celebrate (with the boys, minus biggest bro) with some tempura ice cream.
Aaron and I share the cake for the #1 Gators, and his, and apparently my, 1st birthday.
See? I'm 1! And so are the GATORS!!
Pine Crest / UF friends reunited on my birthday proper!

5. I spent time with family!

Classic picture-face, with a bonus Mark-got-my-glasses look!
Perhaps you've heard of my Zayde? He's the coolest!
Rafi and Bubbie talk theology. Amazing.
My favorite picture from FL.
Aaron, my nephew, in the arms of his Grandma Barb, with Alta-Bubbie and Alta-Zaydie! Woo!
Precious treasures.
This is my delicious nephew and my delightful boyfriend!

6. Elana (from school) got married, and Melanie came to South FL to play!
Mazal tov to the new Mrs!
AEPhi Alway(s), Davidson and UF - worlds colliding in a fun, but smelly, place.

7. The Gators won the National Championship. AGAIN!

Oh, hey. Yeah, I'm still delicious!

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