07 March 2009

Snapshots (snowstorm and thesis)

My camera isn't really working. It's sort of working, but much like my Nth-stage Dell, I am going to have to get me some new electronics over the course of the next few months. Will I get a Mac? What kind of camera do I want? Who knows?

What I do know is this: Last week there was a snowstorm. I had an HOUR LONG meeting about my thesis with my thesis wonderwoman on the phone, and then I went to play in the snow. Both of these things - the snowstorm (not surprising) and my meeting with thesis wonderwoman (surprising, as I was expecting her to tell me to start over and be ashamed of my writing, and she was like, "Rock on, SBB") - were terrific.

My camera worked for about 2 minutes before it turned itself off. I didn't take pictures of me in my thesis phone meeting, but before the camera died, I got these snow pictures:

A million little kids sledding just across the street from my apartment in Riverside Park.
I rather like Riverside Park. Now that my tush is better, I will rollerblade in Riverside Park.

Sara Beth B, snow angel.
Melanie joins me on my Riverside Snow Frolic.


Anonymous said...

I'll rollerblade with you! Can we go this spring?!?!


feygele said...

I'm sad I missed a snow day with you. Shockingly, surprisingly, it also snowed in Vancouver.