03 April 2009

Thesis Wordles

I mentioned Wordle to my old roommate Rachel (remember her?), because we have both turned in our theses, placing them in the proverbial shoebox. Wordle makes "beautiful word clouds" out of a text that you can copy and paste into a text box.
I copied and pasted my thesis, in all of its 132 pages of glory, into the box. This included the many, many Roman numerals from the curricular piece, about 90 pages, which show up in all three of the Wordles. Check out the results!
Can you guess what my thesis was about, based on my Wordles?
Looking at the Wordles, I'm pretty amazed at how secular it seems. Good thing Shemittah (The good comments helped me learn some Hebrew I hadn't learned yet...) made it into the Wordle, since I spent all year learning about it! That's the thing about Wordles. You can't always tell what's on the inside just by looking at a "beautiful word cloud."

Thank you thank you to Wordle.net!

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