14 May 2009

Going to Beautiful Lengths!

First: In 2005, I donated my hair through Locks of Love. I gave 12 inches, and I said I would NEVER donate my hair again.
That's a foot of perfectly crazylong hair!
The results, in 2005.

Second: Let's get back to Israel a little bit.

Last year, I lived in Israel. And one of my issues was my Hebrew illiteracy. One of the many resulting fall-outs from my faltering speech was that I couldn't get a haircut. OK, I could have, but I didn't know how to say, "please don't give me a mullet" in Hebrew. (I hope that images page defines the word in a way that wiki never could...) Israelis sometimes have some weird opinions in hairstyle, and while I do know some beautiful Israelis, I wasn't going to go to some random hair stylist / sapar, who was going to make me look all "Disco, Disco" (obligatory Zohan reference), leaving me looking unlike myself.

So I decided to grow my hair over the year, and when April rolled around, I knew enough Hebrew to say "just a trim," and by then my hair was getting pretty long. I decided to keep growing it, instead of cutting it all off. I decided to go back on my word...
That's great lengths, right there! Thanks, JN for taking these pics an hour before my haircut!
Much less gross than when I donated it last time. This was silky smooth donation hair.

We wrote these end-of-year cards in one of my classes in September, and on the back, I'd written "nice haircut" because I thought by the end of the school year, I would have donated my hair. I was wrong.

I was going to get my hair cut with my friend EG, but the place where I did my LOL cut in 2005 wasn't into taking people like me anymore. EG got in and went on Lag BaOmer, my original plan, as it is a traditional time in the Jewish year to get a haircut - part way between Passover and Shavuot. Since there is a tradition to get haircuts on any day after Lag BaOmer, I decided that I would go for a complimentary cut at Mark Garrison Salon. They do half-price Pantene Beautiful Lengths donations on a few days a week (including Tuesdays), but FREE on Wednesdays, so I went for the unemployed grad student option...

Hiroshi separated my hair into 8-inch sections, and since I was without my wingman Meredith, nobody took pictures of this part, and you'll just have to take my word for it. I looked like an octopus.

A measure here, and a snip there, a measure there, and a snip here, and I looked like a big sectioned crazy person. Brie from Roslyn washed my choppy remnants, and then Hiroshi went to work.

I have been denuded.

My hair is in an envelope, going off to make wigs for women who have lost their hair due to illness.

And I look FABULOUS!

I am pretty happy with the cut, and I'm sooo stoked my hair looks good with the little clip again!
Yeah. I really like my haircut!
Right after the cut, featuring my two lovely rings - old and new!


racheariel said...

Nice cut!! I like it a lot.

The Greggs said...

The new do look absolutely fab! I wish I hadn't highlighted mine but even if I hadn't it still didn't look even 25% as good as yours did before the cut! Maybe one day I'll be patient enough to grow it out again.