20 November 2007

"I Will Ask To See Your Blob!" - Zayde

Those of you who know me, know how tickled I am by nearly everything my Zayde says. Today, I called him and I told him to go to my blog to see my stories and pictures from Israel, and particularly my trip to Egypt. He then said that on Thursday (happy thanksgiving!), he would ask my parents to see my "blob." I want to dedicate this "blob" entry to my illustrious grandparents from Column-A and Column-B.

Today was not one of my Tel Aviv Tuesdays...instead, after exploring all of the pareve pumpkin pie recipes and ingredient choices on the internet, and then three local markets, I got dressed up in warmish (it's getting cold, and it rained today!) clothing to pay a visit to my favorite Har Nof cousins, with a bonus of a Chicago cousin, visiting for 2 weeks, and his daughter, who also lives in Jerusalem!

Dinner was chag-like (holiday meal, fit for a king!), with all sorts of kugels and quiches and salad and cake and veggie chopped liver (to DIE for!). Even better, Rafi met a group of my my cousins, and everybody had a great time.

Cousin David has his digital camera nearly surgically implanted (like David, it takes a day off on Shabbat), and he got a candid and a not-so-candid set of pictures of Rafi and me at the dinner table. I feel like a minor celebrity -- so many pictures!

Hamming it up -- it's the only treif in this kosher home -- and feeling like a celebrity!

I love visiting with them. I get a different slice of family stories and history, instead of coming from Mom and Dad or Bubbie and Zayde, the stories come from David and Gloria about Aunty Lottie (Bubbie) and Uncle Seymour (Zayde).

I just wanted to record this for my "blob" and send love to all of my family, reminding them that their family in Jerusalem wants more family visits! Mom, Dad, Boys...when are you coming?!

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