15 November 2007

Tel Aviv Tuesdays

There is no Hebrew class on Tuesdays, so I made it my business to make Tuesday my free day (since I have school on Sunday). Since school started, Tuesdays have been for very important matters: exploring Hadassah, doing work for JTS, and, my personal favorite, going to Tel Aviv!

Anyway, Tuesday is the perfect day to do work in the morning, and then a trip to Tel Aviv in the afternoon and evening (it's only about an hour on the bus one way). I love Tel Aviv Tuesdays!

Going to Tel Aviv is similar to going to Connecticut/Westchester/Rockland County (hereafter referred to as Connecticut for simplicity's sake) for the afternoon from Manhattan. Here's why:

1. Lovely friends / adopted family-types in Connecticut and Tel Aviv make the visit a happy, homey experience.
2. Train ticket (one way) = $11-18. Bus ticket = $ 4-5.
3. Dining in CT = free refills. Food in Tel Aviv = Ethiopian and KOSHER or provided by my adopted family (Shiran's family loves to feed me!).
4. Connecticut has malls. Tel Aviv has malls AND a shuk (sort of outdoor market)!
5. More people have dogs in Connecticut / Tel Aviv. I haven't had any pug-spottings in Jerusalem!

Last week, I went to Tel Aviv to spend a little more time with Ari and we happened upon a kosher Ethiopian restaurant. Delightful! I am sad that Ari is back in the states, but I'm glad we got to hang out that one last time...until I'm back in NY.

This past Tuesday, I went to Tel Aviv to spend some time with my friend Shiran (from CRD) and her sister. We ate some amazing food (they LOVE feeding me. really.) before going to Nachalat Benyamin (an outdoor crafts kind of market that's open two days a week), and, when that didn't work out (they close early!), the Dizengoff Centre (a mall with a really weird layout). I even got to see my friend Neta-li from Interlaken. I am a big fan of the Jewish Agency's summer shlichim, as you can see.

Long Live Tel Aviv Tuesdays!


Daniel Dorsch said...

you know the word one uses to say hanging out on Dizengoff? LeHizdangef (I'm not even kidding...)


ps see I read your blog

Meredith said...

thanks for the shout out. We miss you. Our jacuzzi/pod shower is now working.