28 March 2008

Budget Your Time

"Budget your time." I'm pretty sure this quote came from my awesome 5th grade teacher. Shout out to Maplewood Elementary School.

Anyway, since I did not learn everything I needed to know in kindergarten, or 5th grade, for that matter, I am utilizing vital elementary school guidelines to get my work done here in Jerusalem.

Below is a picture that proves my efforts in this regard. Notice the purple homework pen (it has since been retired for a green homework pen). I am doing Hebrew work on the bus. Because it is spring, you can see a lengthy stretch of sun-free leg, displayed what I would call a miniskirt and my friends would snicker and call a knee-length skirt. May my paleness serve as a reminder to all of us to wear that sunblock.
Pen is power! I work on my Hebrew homework, while getting over my fear of the back of the bus, after my Purim experience. Long live the clean, cool 4א.

Pale is Power! From the back row of a double-long bus. Are YOU wearing sunblock today?

This particular bus ride, earlier this week, was an experience in both time budgeting and time squandering. I did about a half hour of Hebrew homework, and read for one of my classes for the remainder of the ride. But, because our good friend, master marksman and cardiological (is that a word, dad?) marvel VP Cheney was in town, I was still sitting on Emek Refaim when I finished my homework. I really dislike politician-related traffic. I also dislike being late for Hebrew.

I finally arrived at school after an hour and a half total travel time. I've been having some bad bus luck recently, and this reminds me to budget my time and not only leave earlier for the bus, but also to have plenty of reading in my NorthFace Brand HikingSnob backpack of fun!

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