26 August 2008

F is for Florida (or Fay) (or Family)

I went to Florida last week. It was a good time, especially after being in NYC, and doing lots of the things I wanted to do in NYC, like experience Seacaucus Junction, which, oops, is actually in New Jersey?! The highlight of my journey to FL? I wasn't, for once, substantially delayed, but I certainly broke my big, red suitcase.

Also, I was happily seated next to a girl who (a) didn't realize she'd be fired from her summer camp, (b) talked too much, and (c) said the following sentence, which I can't possibly be making up: "Buenos Aires! That's in Spain!"

And then I was in Florida:

An arrival celebration for Mark (right) and me! We join Alex (left) for Jamba Juice, where I satisfy my guilt over using styrofoam cups by telling the cash register high schooler that she should suggest plastic to her manager.

What did I do in Florida? Well, I played with my grandparents. They're terrific! All three of them are great in their own ways. One of my grandparents, my unstoppable Bubbie, was celebrating her 90th (yes, ninetieth!) birthday! My mom hosted a big party with my Chicago family, including my favorite delicacies and a Publix cake (The best bakery ever. End of story. I LOVE Publix!). Later in my week at home, on Bubbie's actual birthday, I joined my grandparents and my Boston family at a lovely dinner in her honor. I'm really lucky to spend time with them, and I relished the moments.

My brothers, dad, uncle, cousins and I went to a Marlins game. The highlight of the game was playing around with the baby sitting in front of Mark. She was fascinated by his cup of soda. She wanted it. Badly. Priceless picture is here:

Cup-lovin' baby! (Hours of endless amusement for family fun!)

Mark, with beautiful cousins Neil and Lizzie.

Did I mention that a lot of this was during a tropical storm? Tropical Storm Fay was so lame, however, that I went to the mall and to Boca. Twice.

Pre-storm, Mark and I checked out Bed Bath and Beyond, where we found the world's largest remotes for sale...
...and I use it to tune the nearest BB&B TV!

I also saw a lot of friends in South Florida. It was nice seeing everybody.

With this, apparently, I make the true jump into to blobbing in my real life, post-Israel. Let the musings of a twentysomething grad student commence, as I am surely the first of my kind to have a blob. Well, maybe a blob, if not a blog.

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