29 July 2009

Polka Dotted Polish Pictures

So, camp is over, and I tried to upload these weeks ago. Now that time has passed and polish chips, I had to take this polish off. My cousin Gloria (Hi, Gloria!) has requested that I post something to the blob, so...here's a cute, short story that makes me happy.

As a waterskiing instructor, I worked on Tzevet Mayim / Water Staff, with a large team of lifeguards. One of them, L, used to be my camper. Now she's a lifeguard, and is actually off to college tomorrow (good luck)! She also has a true southern accent, something I've loved since she was my (somewhat sassy) camper.

On a day when I didn't have much to do in the afternoon, I stopped by the pool and she asked to paint my toenails and fingernails. Since I am a sucker for accents and pedicures, when I left the pool, my fingers were neon pink, and my toes were neon pink with blue polka dots. I loved this, and it was a vast improvement over the highlighter yellow polish my 13-year-old campers had bestowed upon me about 2 weeks earlier.

The toes lasted for weeks, and I was sad to take it off just days ago. But L's promise to paint my nails for my upcoming wedding (I'll let you know when I actually set a date) remains in my head, twangy and adorable.

Behold! Toes and Chacos! A happy camp combination!

I love this dotted masterpiece!
Extreme closeup of the lovely paint job!
You can tell I actually cleaned my Chacos the day before. The straps are SO clean and almost Banana Boat-free! Almost...

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