17 October 2007

Group Separation Anxiety

Remember that time we graduated? (UF, 2004)

Each time I graduated, I left whatever school or group knowing that I would never see some percent of the people I was leaving. But it wasn't until USY that I really thought about what the groups I left behind would be like when I was gone. Would Margate USY be OK? Would there be leaders in my sub-region when I was out of college? The answers to both of these questions ended up being "Yes." I even went on to staff USY events and a summer program through my college graduation in 2004 to ensure my legacy.

When I graduated from UF (GO GATORS), I wasn't so concerned about leaving behind the sports teams (I just KNEW they'd be fabulous), or even the girls in the sorority. (Yeah, I know, I was in a sorority. Please don't stop reading. I did it for the food, the glitter, and a select group of people with whom I consumed the food and the glitter.) Years later, I still get informed (ahem, GGGGGGGGlittles) of who the new little ones are, and I will always have an unresolved urge to purchase stuffed giraffe regalia wherever I see it. But I know that the traditions and tachlis (practical details, work that has to get done) live on, just like I know somebody is distributing payroll perfectly well at Penguin, and just like I know that the newest FJC interns will think up some cool stuff for Cornerstone 2008.

Orange and Blue, Let's Go Gators!

GK 2002 + proof that this blog is 50% an excuse for me to post pictures of me dressed up like it's the 80s (or, if you look at the leggings and the miniskirt, like it's 2007).

But, when I left to come to Israel this year, I knew that I was leaving possibly the coolest class that JTS has ever seen. There was no completion ceremony, as I didn't graduate, and won't until 2009...godwillingly. I know that the school is fine without me for sure, but I still sit here, nostalgic for the cheese and bagels of Wednesday-morning mifgash (meeting).

So, last night, and over the past couple of weeks, when I was watching, oh, 6 episodes of WEEDS (amazing show), I received a variety of messages, mainly Facebook-style, from my classmates. I can't believe they're in midterms (and I can't believe I'm NOT). I can't believe that the Davidson Chevre goes on without me...not because I'm the greatest person ever, but because this group is one of best with which I've been lucky enough to associate.

I got to thinking about my classmates, and I'm thinking that I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for them. I hope that this year is a success, and that I can go back and provide a framework for future Davidson students to study in Israel for the year. Jewish Educators should be spending a semester or a year here, anyway, in preparation for their jobs in educating the Diaspora, post-masters.

I miss my classmates. But I know I'm doing something important here. So, I'll just say l'hitraot (see you later).

Shout out to my classmates! I miss you! This is from our visit last year to Robinson's Arch, sponsored by Uncle Bill.

PS -- Another sorority picture. I can't resist. Yeah, that is a crimped hairdo. This is just for you to enjoy. (GK 2003, minus Linds)

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