16 October 2007

Life of the Idle(ish)

I haven't written since post-Shabbat. It's been an interesting experience this week. My friends have headed off to Rabbinical School and Ulpan, and I sit, waiting somewhat patiently for my own semester at Hebrew U to start. I have gotten a lot of work done for my distance learning class for JTS, so that's a good thing. But as my friends sit in classrooms, discussing bride prices, and taking Hebrew exams, I feel a little lost. Good thing that I know it's only because I am not in school yet.

In a week, I am going to take back anything I said about missing school.

What has been going on, other than my obsession with downloading American TV and creative recookings of leftover Shabbat meal parts? Well, I had Burgers Bar with Anya, which was fun. First, it's always great to see Anya. Secondly, whenever I'm at the Burgers Bar on Emek, I see friends! Anya's staffing a gap-year program, so it was intesting to hear about her schedule and her life, living in a hotel with a small horde of 18-year-olds.

Yesterday, I had coffee (well, orange juice) with an FJC friend who works at the Jewish Agency. It was very intersting to hear what is going on with the 2nd-year Shlichim (Israeli delegates to summer camps) program, and I am looking forward to working with the returning shlichim, before they go back, in Israel this year. Bouncing names and ideas around was fun, and gave me a few more ideas that I can incorporate into my thesis.

By the way, if you are an American living in Israel, reading my sbbblog, and interested in working with 2nd-year returning shlichim, let's talk.

Now I'm off to Hebrew U, where I can hopefully find more information for my thesis in one of the many libraries they cleverly have spread out all over campus.

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