07 October 2007

When This Thing Hits 88 [Kilometers]PH...

...We're Going To See Some Serious [Stuff].

-Doc Brown, Back to the Future. Please pardon my Israeli/Youth-oriented editorial and censoring.

Somehow, Allison convinced me today to go on the Jerusalem Time Elevator. So, for just a little over $10, I took a journey through time. Complete with moving rows of seats, fiery photography and misty special effects, it was a rocking, rolling, jolting-at-points good time.

I'm not going to lie. I enjoyed the ride. But it is unclear as to whether I enjoyed the ride because of the history lesson, because it was kind of funny, or because it simply reminded me of a very old friend, who spent a fair amount of time as one of Doc Brown's Time Travel Technicians.

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Adinah said...

So, do you not write back on facebook anymore? Your blogs are making me long for Israel and everything I did last year. *sigh* it's incredible how much you can miss something....like how everyone misses you hear I'm sure. love reading the blog...also, email me your number please because I have a phone card and can call you. love you.