03 December 2007

Found in Translation!

The sign says "Education for the Nation, Not Limited." It doesn't make much sense unless you see the play on words. Am is Nation and limited is B"Am (the initials).

(Thank you to my cousin Gloria for this translation, regarding the signs found at Hebrew U during the Shvitah / Strike.)

That's right! Education is for the nation (whichever nation you're affiliated with, as I am not picky, and I am a fan of education in general), and education shouldn't be limited! Find the money to make your education system the best it can be.

OK, I'm putting my soap box away for now. It's time for bed -- Tuesday is Yom Chofshi, and I have to be ready to galavant around Jerusalem (b'regel / on foot), before the sun sets and it is Hanukkah!

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