09 December 2007

Photo Essay

Nothing Says "Day Off" Like Midterm Prep......but Rafi wouldn't let me sit idly by, missing out on my one day of vacation this semester.

(because of the midterm, this is a photoessay-blob)

Rafi loves the Old City.

Via Dolorosa -- just a few days before Christmas, when this street gets crowded!

I love eating in the Old City!

Nothing makes Rafi smile like eating his way through the Old City.

Yummies. Please keep in mind that this ample meal (only 35 shekels and we couldn't finish it!) was AFTER a large plate of cheese baklava (yes it exists. yes it is better than anything else ever.)

When I think "Old City" I think "Internet Cafe." How is this here?! I couldn't believe we found this.

Soon after, Rafi found a jewelery store and he got me earrings. They're opal studs in the shape of Jewish Stars. Rafi is super...it's not a 6-pack of Dr. Pepper, but it's a Chanukah present to be loved!

View of Jerusalem. You can see Montefiore's windmill at Yemin Moshe to the left, which I learned about in Ulpan, and you can see the King Solomon Hotel, where I slept for many a night during the Davidson Trip last winter. All of this view is from just outside of the Yaffa Gate.

We went from the Yaffa Gate into the mall that's right outside the Old City in about 100 quick steps. The Old-New Land contrasts here are clear, as just steps back we were drinking tea and looking at hand drums, and then in the mall, we were sitting at Aroma and we could have (theoretically) been shopping at the Tommy Hilfiger store (no, really, they have a Hilfiger store).

My special little guys keep on enjoying Chanukah! I know they look terrified, guys, but it's just an act. They love Chanukah!

Six candles bright!

The entire restaurant was shushed for the lighting of the Chanukah candles. We had the best seat in the house to watch! It's standard operating procedure to light candles in the restaurant for Chanukah. It was fabulous to watch them light, and then go right back to waiting tables. Israeli secular Jews not only know the blessings, but also know cute little Chanukah songs to go with the lighting. Really great.

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