13 December 2007

Hafsakah / Intermission

I am taking a break from my thiny-veiled narcissism, displayed as ramblings on this fine blob, in order to focus on my finals and midterms. Did I mention I have both to do right now? Because I do. It's really fun. Or not.

Anyway, I am taking an intermission, a hafsakah, from my sbb-centered writing. Shabbat will be a nice break from writing (Raf and I are visiting the famous HarNof cousins!), my birthday is coming soon, and Birthright Season began today, so I have plenty to do, many people to see, and no time in which to do it! As much as I love chronicling my Israel experience, it's just another diversion (like rollerblading and shopping) that I will have to place on the back-burner until I turn in all of my papers.

At some point, I'll write about the last day of Hanukkah surprise that we had in ulpan (Aleph-wide Shira, complete with sufganiyot), my visit with an old friend (Tebow Talk!), and the discovery about the value of the Winter Ulpan to a year-long student (Not so useful, apparently).

Until then...have a nice week or so!

PS-I also refuse to give up Scrabulous. I'd need full-on rehab for that.

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