15 June 2008


My fans out there have been asking what's up at camp. I wouldn't say I'm prioritizing right now...It's after 2am camp time, I just took a shower after "closing camp" ("Declare camp closed? Is it like bankruptcy? Do I need to fill out paperwork?" -- who gets the Office reference?). Today was long. Shabbat is good, because there are no walkie talkies. But it's bad because...um...there are no walkie talkies. Anyway, priorities? Sometimes a girl just needs some ME time.

Not only has the staff arrived, but the campers are here as well. Since I'm a little unclear as to what my limitations are about posting online stuff about camp, the best stories will have to stay offline. In all honesty, I'm sure that any posting online about camp is against policy....But I do have one story that's safe:

Friday afternoon, all camp has lunch on the kikar, the patchy rectangle of grass that passes for a soccer field outside of the dining hall complex. We all enjoyed pizza, and desperately scrambled to hydrate in the crazy heat wave. I walked into the bottom floor of the dining hall, and I saw one of my girls with her cheeks puffed out (hamster-style). I stopped her, and her friend, and I asked her what she was doing. She turned red. I asked her if she was going to spit at someone. The friend started giggling. Hamster-girl's eyes widened. I said, "don't laugh, hamster-girl." She started to twitch. Thinking I had her, I kept on going with the "don't laugh" methodology, thinking she'd swallow.

And then I was covered, from head to toe, in camper spit.

Her logical consequence? I told people how it was that my shirt, pants and glasses all had water stains on them. Hamster-girl began giggling. Hilarity all around.

Thankfully I love this stuff -- the stuff that happens at camp. It was really funny. But I'm delirious right now....so it's BED time!

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