03 June 2008

The Long Way Home

So...to make a VERY long (36-hour) story short:

I was delayed at Ben Gurion for 4 hours. When we got on the plane, I sat with scouts working at Texas camps that I'm familiar with. We had breakfast at 5AM and chicken for breakfast at 615AM. We landed in JFK after a bumpy flight.

I got into a fight with a customs security guy, but this time I didn't get almost-arrested for cell phone use. I met Meredith. I got rebooked on a later, standby flight out of EWR. We went to the city and couldn't find parking, so no storage unit and no brunch.

Meredith drove my sorry tush to NJ, where the only place we knew of to find food was IKEA, where we had Mac and Cheese. It was delicious. I checked in at AirTran, where they charge you nearly full ticket price for fat bags. Then, they give you pretzels on the plane that remind you how cheap their flights are. Liars. And that flight was even bumpier than my long flight -- ice literally jumped from my cup to the seat in the turbulence. At least they had XM radio.

Got to ATL. Took a shuttle to Gainesville, GA. Got picked up by Rafi. He brought me food. He is an angel. He brought me to camp. I showered, he made my bed, and I went to sleep.

So now I'm at camp. Still not sure if I'm going to write more.

But while I'm blasting corporations, let me just write here that Lingo and their VOIP service is the WORST. They are terrible. Never use their service and tell your friends to switch to Vonage.

I have a lot of work to do, so...Shalom! It's great to be back in the states!


racheariel said...

tell me what happened with lingo? something in the states? i know that they suck in Israel - but i was hoping they'd be good in the States, because I was planning on getting a number for next year.

Meredith said...


Allison said...

you must keep writing.

i want to hear your snarky comments on life at crd.

it's entertaining.
i'm at home, bored.


Melanie said...

Keep writing! What else will keep me amused during the next few months in the hot city?! Plus I like hearing your take on life.