20 June 2008

Yom Goof

The theme of my eidah/ age group is derekh eretz / the way of the land (literally, respect for oneself and others). For our first yom meyuchad / special day, filled with 8 hours of programming provided by my staff, we designated the theme as Yom Goof / Body Day. I figured they'd get a chance to explore the good things we can do with out bodies, and the good things we can do for our bodies.

We did chalk outlines of ourselves, labelling the different parts (this is my heart, I like playing soccer with my feet, etc...) and discussing how our bodies need to be respected. We made trail mix, played human foosball, drew with crayons, decorated with stickers and had a goofy fashion show.

The idea behind the fashion show was that we would dress in our goofiest outfits. In addition to playing on the hebrew word for body, we were also able to tie in a respect and understanding about those with physical, outward diversity.

It may have just been an excuse to wear my helmet.

The whole ensemble in all its glory.

That stands for my name (in Hebrew). It's also the abbreviation for the words for homework in Hebrew, and the name of some elite part of the Israeli army.

Mah Yesh Lanu? Ko-ko-ko-ko-ko-chavim!
(What do we have here? St-st-st-st-st-stars!)

Mi Anachnu? Ko-cha-vim, Wooooooo!
(Who are we? St-Ar-S! Wooo!)

By the way, check out the view from the door of my room.

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