29 September 2008

Shanah Tovah!

I know I haven't written in a long time. But it's Rosh Hashanah in a few hours -- the Jewish new year.

My year has been going ok, except that I broke my tailbone last week.

In good news, I'm in New Orleans, because Rafi and Elie are doing services at Tulane. In other good news, I was able to survive the flight with just a little help from some tush-pain bustin' candy that I so happily received on Wednesday night after the fall down a half a flight of stairs in my silly UWS building.

I look to this year with trepidation as I read stories about the state of US finance, of the election (I reallllly don't like this Palin chick), of getting a real, fulltime job (Hopefully with dental!). I rather like being a student, and I'll miss JTS when I leave.

I hope this new year is a good one -- for me, for you. I am sorry if I wronged you -- did I wrong you? Does a post on my fallow blob count as an apology? Due to my recent face-down status, that's all you're getting. Sorry...Again. Oh well, it is the season for forgiveness.

I also hope this new year brings financial security to me, in the form of a full-time job in May, and to my country, in the form of the market not falling into an increasingly 1929-esque oblivian.

Finally, I hope for happiness and celebration in the new year, which I know I'll get, at least, when my tush stops aching whenever I sit down.

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