29 February 2008

Backpack London: PS, Are You Greek?

My last day in London was fun, but you already read about that. There is one thing I have to mention before I take you on my Roma adventure...

Before I got back on the Tube (I LOVE SUBWAYS) to go to Heathrow, I wandered into the downtown version of Dalia's grocery store to buy rice pudding, as I am now in love with the British delicacy. Then, I went across the street to get another tasty sandwich from EAT, which is like Pret A Manger, but less expensive. If you're a NY person you know from Pret, and if you're not, then, just know that EAT is even better!

When I was in EAT, wearing my sunglasses, a long-sleeved shirt and the ever-present Aurora NorthFaceofStyle, the guy behind the counter asked me a question. (Editorial note: I was also wearing pants and shoes.) I pushed my sunglasses up like a headband, so I could see what he was saying better (I listen with a variety of senses), and he looked at my carefully.

His next words formed a hilarious question: "Are you Greek?"

I couldn't believe it. Is it my eyebrows? My year living in the AEPhi house and the accompanying occasional glitter consumption? Was there an errant bit of red glitter sticking to my face from 2001? Was I shaking some blue and gold sparkles out of my underwear like in 2002? I am pretty sure I don't look Greek, but I was flattered.

Maybe I had some eyemakeup left over from 2003?

Sneak peek of my adventures in the Vatican, but really, I just want to show off my sunglasses-head, Greek look.

First in Petra I get told I look Jordanian. Then, in London, it's Greek. I wonder what nationality guesses I will get when I go on my next adventure?

PS -- It's LEAP DAY! How cool is that? The next time I write anything on a Leap Day (unless I finish my first Rome post before Shabbat), it'll be 2012. I'll be 30. Oh, dear God. 30?! The horror!

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