12 February 2008

So, this one time, at [Jewish] camp...

...I love working for Jewish summer camp. I've worked at a few, I've attended more than one, and Jewish summer camping is where I want my career to be. So I'm always happy when Jewish summer camp comes to me, in the middle of the winter.

Benjie and I went on Poland / Israel Pilgrimage 9 years ago (yes, Benj, NINE). Then we worked together at Camp Ramah Darom for a few years, and we stayed in touch because he and Rafi are closer than most people in long-term romantic relationships. Benjie works for CRD, and he's in Israel hiring staff. I love hanging out with Benjie. Below are pictures from a variety of days in the shuk, a Ramah party, and nights just hanging around. Benjie even joined Rafi, Jeremy and me for a 2-dinner night. Ethiopian for me, boring regular restaurant for them.
Benjie, Rafi and I mug it in the shuk last Friday afternoon.

Pilgrimage may have been 9 years ago, but we're still making crazy faces in the shuk like we're children!
With Baylene and Benjie. Group 7 '99. At Hagigat Ramah.

That is love right there, ladies and gents.

Benjie, Rafi and I act out.

Jeremy shows off our waiter's name at dinner #2.

That's what Jeremy's little sign says. It was on the table at Rimon Cafe, which, by the way, has a long wait for the meat side, but not the dairy side.

I love camp! Not lamp, but camp. And I (we) had a great time with Benjie.

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Melanie said...

Hmm not enough people comment on your blog, so I will. Let's see. First off, your tongue is kind of scary in the second picture (I think it was the second). Are both Josh and his brother Benjie vegetarians? How cute! Finally, all the guys in the pictures in this blog have red/reddish beards! Go gingies!!!