07 February 2008

Writing and Being a Good Student!

Yesterday I did work on my finals and my JTS classes, did laundry, and went to a Ramah Darom reunion dinner. Here are some pictures to prove that I was out doing these things, as I don't have to use a ton of words to describe my generally worky day.

Joelle and I studying -- ok, writing papers.

Cheesecake + laptop + course packet = Formula for an A paper!

Have you met my friend the vegetarian?

Yay for Benjie visiting!

Also, I talked to my Zayde briefly. He asked about Turkey, in hilarious Zayde fashion, "Did you smoke a lot of hookah?" Another Zayde laughfest. I can't believe some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth, at the young, fresh age of 89!

After my double-take, he explained that back in the day, when our cousin flew Turkish Airlines from Chicago to Israel, "it was required to smoke on the plane."

Zayde paused. "But I have to be honest. Using water without Scotch is pretty much a waste."

What can I say? The men in my family like their Johnnie Walker.

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