12 February 2008

Travels, travels, travels...

I totally forgot to post my Petra post from November. Since I'm about to leave for a week in Europe (and JTS Distance Learning, as I am NOT a slacker), I thought I'd activate my Petra post. It appeared in November (when I wrote it), so click on the link above to read about those travels, and know that Eurotrip details are soon to follow.

Speaking of travelling, I also made it out to Bayit Vegan (pronounced Veh-gan, not vegan, much to my disappointment.) to have dinner and hang out with my cousin at her all-girls' college. We made dinner and hung out, and it was good. Just wanted to keep you posted.

Anya's backpack is packed, I am taking my coat off of its hanger, and I'm practically out the door. Much love! Ciao!!!

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