28 May 2008

Am I Still Here?

I bet you thought you wouldn't be hearing from me in Israel again...but you thought wrong.

My plane is broken, so I'm sitting in Ben Gurion Airport. It's a real Zionism-killer, I'll tell you. Below is an excerpt from an email I sent to the camp travel guy:
I am writing to let you know that my plane (ELAL 001 out of TLV) is broken, and I'm now, in theory, either leaving at 5AM or 7AM (Israel time) to get to JFK. This gets me into JFK, earliest, at noon tomorrow (NY time). There is no chance I will make my flight out of EWR. ELAL also refused to book me into EWR, ATL, Miami, Delta to ATL or any flight that goes through Europe and ends up in ATL... Thoughts? Comments? Soothing suggestions? Please advise!

So this has been fun.

The sign now says it is boarding...we'll see about this...

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