29 July 2008

Goats and Butts and Old Friends

A day off in pictures. I spent the afternoon with my GLittle, Sheri, my old friend Ilene, and Ilene's boyfriend, who passed muster. Here's what we did in Buford and Tiger, GA, and points in between.

Just after my landmark discovery of a cement plaque stating the 10 commandments at the entrance to the farmer's market ("I FOUND it! So THAT'S where the 2 tablets went!"), we take a We Are Cute picture inside on some normal-sized, and kid-sized, rocking chairs.
Stretch golf carts are necessary for riding out to conquer the peach fields.
We really love the peaches.
Our li'l basket. Only $10.30 for about 30 ripe, furry peaches.

Sheri caresses the "butt."
"Hi. I'm Ilene. I have no respect for the beauty of my adopted state's fruit. I will bite it."
Seeing the forest for the trees, as it were.
"If you build it, he will come."
Of COURSE you have an outhouse for storage and picture-taking purposes.
Of COURSE you do!

Finally, we stopped at Goats on the Roof, which is not to be confused with "Oats on the Roof," due to my poor camera aim. I just wanted to catch the goat. On the roof. Notice how the roof has sod on it. That's right. Sod.

I cannot explain Goats on the Roof. You'll just have to drive to nowheresville, GA to check it out. The t-shirts and fudge are worth it. Also, the goats are worth it.

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Sheri said...

Haha, Ryan looks so confused in the picture of Ilene biting into the peach...