14 July 2008


Want to know what I've been up to?

In my ample free time (hahahahaha ample) I get to chat online with my baby brother, as we're planning a trip to good old Florida to see the family. He sent me an article from a wonderful newspaper about how there is a phenomenon in Japan of dying from overworking. This happens so frequently that it has its own word. Before you read on, keep in mind my love of hyperbole. I tend to sleep at least 6 hours a night. And, contrary to my complaint-filled existence, I really, truly, love my job.

Anyway, read on:

Mark: hahaha well more that i just never CAN take off
i just read this story about how in japan ppl are dying from working overtime
to the point where they ahve a word for it
1:19 PM me: wow
is it called -- being japanese is like being a camp counselor?
1:22 PM Mark:
1:23 PM "karoshi" is the japanese word for working oneself to death
apparently working overtime to the point of heart failure isnt that uncommon there
i read that and i thought " hot damn am i glad i was born in such a lazy country!!"
1:24 PM me: hahaha
1:25 PM there's "rosh" in the middle of that word
Mark: hahahahaha
me: YES
Mark: that's terrible, but a valid point

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