09 July 2008

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Time keeps marching on, as I go to sleep knowing my new campers start arriving in the morning...Here's what's been ticking as the clock has been tocking:

I could write about all of my great experiences at camp thus far. I could write about my joking requests to return to my 2004 Rosh Ski Mayim (waterskiing) position. I could tell you about my Snickers-a-day habit that is kept in check because I live at the top of a mountain. I could tell you about my affinity for lounge pants at camp, and how my campers asked me if I owned anything other than sweatpants.

Instead, I will leave you with snapshots of my life, with detailed captions. What's making me tick this summer? What was the best present I've received this summer? What's "the new black," as I like say? Say tuned!

The best part of my eidah's visit to the zoo was taking pictures of the flamingos. I liked these two guys, because they were sleeping while the whole crowd in the back was playing loudly. They live their life in a way that I cannot while at camp.

Day off in Asheville. First stop? Coffeeshop housed in an old London double-decker school bus!

The Asheville Flatiron and Flatiron building. No, I am not making this up.

Pig and Sigg.
Pig from Meredith. Sigg for myself. I got the Sigg because it's the most annoying colored water bottle I could find. As for the pig, to quote Meredith: "A little treif for the hadar ochel." The pig makes squeaking noises. Delightful!

After complaining that I kept my underwear in a plastic bag on some shelves, they went out and got me drawers for my room. I also use them for sunblock storage...

Happy happy joy joy I got a dehumidifier! It was on the same request list as the drawers.
Things to consider about this: it only took 5 weeks, it's small and mighty, it makes me happy, and I'm a little concerned that it filled the dehumidifying bucket with like a gallon and a half of water in less than 2 days. I suppose my room just WAS that humid, and that I wasn't complaining unnecessarily.

There she is, folks, just out of the box! She's a fresh one, ain't she?

That's on my dehumidifier's directions. Yes. Correct. Do not use in "damp environment".
Also, do not wear your sunblock in the sun, or your seatbelt in the car, or your helmet when riding a bike...

First week Shabbat-a-grams. Note that I wrote the one on top 100% in Hebrew!
This past week, my Shabbat-a-grams involved rubber, latex and a lot of hot air -- that's right! Punch balls for my tzevet! Whee!

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Meredith said...

Love the pig. So glad I made the list.
Need to go to Target for the second machzor present.

Also, you don't own anything other than sweatpants.