29 January 2008

The Blizzard of Centimeters?

Jerusalemites / Israelis are freaking out because of the upcoming snowstorm in Jerusalem, slated to start tonight. Apparently, Rothberg told all of their students to "stock up on food and supplies" and to prepare for a few days holed up in their apartments. I know that they're not so used to snow here, but this is not a hurricane, although it's so windy, it kind of sounds like one.

I know I'm going to go load up on supplies (chocolate milk, diet Coke, and maybe a cookie or two), as I prepare for the blizzard (a few inches?), and hope that the snow doesn't keep Shiran away from Jerusalem today, or me away from Turkey, as I'm supposed to leave on Thursday. Apparently the roads shut down, and Israel doesn't really plow -- they just have a couple bulldozers to move snow, "the same bulldozers they use to knock over Palestinian houses," as a friend put it.

Not exactly Woodstock, are you, Jerusalem? (March 2007)

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