10 January 2008

Palestine / Israel Pilgrimage Seminar 2008...Day 2

Today, I went with Rachel to the Iriya / City Hall to try to pay a housing tax, or at least, get a discount. It wasn't so crowded (probably the first time Bush did something, albeit indirectly, that made me happy), but we were unsuccessful. This wasn't so shocking, as Israeli bureaucracy is incredibly untenable.

Anyway, after the Iriya, I walked to wait for the #30 bus, the fastest ride to Hebrew U this side of the Mediterranean. I was waiting, patiently, at the border between Jerusalem and East Jerusalem, and many buses numbered 6 passed by during the wait. A security guard walked up, and asked me (in Hebrew) if the #6 had gone by. I said "three times" (in HEBREW!!!) and he asked me which bus I was waiting for. I said the 30 (I think by now you realize I'm having this conversation in Hebrew), and he told me that there are problems with the buses because of the President.

I looked at him, kind of annoyed that he thought I hadn't noticed the massive road shutdowns and traffic problems in Jerusalem for the past few days. I said, "Ah, yes, Bush is here. Sorry about that."

I paused. "Funny. I feel like I'm always apologizing for Bush." Ah, the plight of the liberal American.

Then I talked to him in Hebrew for a few more minutes, making my kind of crappy day a little more bearable.

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Andrew Loves SBB More!!!! said...

I AM SO F-IN AWESOME!!! I FINALLY HAVE READ EVERY ENTRY INTO YOUR BLOG! WOOHOO!!! I was even able to read your blog on my phone! Technology is awesome! Now all I have to do is quit my job and make a trip to Israel so I can actually make it onto your blog!!! This has been so entertaining that I demand that you write a book. It makes me want to start a blog of my own, though I doubt it could be anywhere near as interesting as yours...