31 January 2008

Would You Rather...?

Would you rather...

Wade through INCHES (that's a lot of snow for Jerusalem) of crunchy, fresh snow, as it is still falling in Jerusalem?
Take a trip to Turkey?

Things to consider: Snow is pretty. Snow makes it hard to get to the airport, if you are in Israel. The "you" referred to in the first line refers to me, Sara Beth B.

The answer, of course, is BOTH! Not only did I get to crunch my way around in snow this morning, but I also got on a Nesher (shared taxi) to Ben Gurion. So what if I had to wake up 8 hours before my flight, even when I live 45 minutes from the airport. So what if it was freezing and the Nesher was about 45 minutes late?


And so is Rafi!

Snow pictures and Turkey pictures to come after the weekend. Shabbat shalom from TLV - Ben Gurion International Airport.

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Dr JayB said...

LIKE I said in the e-mail,I hope you folks had as good a time as you hoped you were going to. Grandma and I agreed that you were a real world hopper, and are not surprised that you two came up with this trip. Dad