18 September 2007

I Wanna Tel You Something...

Today, the girls and I went to Tel Aviv. We didn't take a lot of pictures (any), but we had a great time. I introduced them to the store that my friend Shiran showed me in January, we visited the craft fair at Nachalat Binyamin, and delighted in the Palmach museum. The museum was intense and fabulous, a wonderful experiential education experience. If you're in Tel Aviv, make the call and reserve a spot on the guided experience! You'll love it!

Other highlights of Tel Aviv: shoe shopping (And not buying anything! I know my parents don't believe me, but it's true.), feeling comfortable in a tube top (I ditched the bikini idea for something MORE revealing!), getting fisherman pants (and figuring their name because I deciphered the Hebrew tag on their shelf.) and having dinner with my Sackler School of Medicine friends in Ramat Aviv!

Tomorrow I go back into the land of red tape -- except this time, I'm taking my figurative, ceremonial, ribbon-cutting shears. I say figurative, of course, because I have to get checked by no fewer than 3 Bitachon (security) people, walk through a metal detector, flash my student visa and passport, and, of course, announce once again that "No, I am not carrying a gun."

In other news: This link makes me slightly homesick for my old apartment.

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