25 September 2007

Ouch! That Hertzaliya!

Rachel and I finally (after 2 weeks in Israel, it seems like forever) made it to Tel Aviv to visit Shiran and her family! We met her after work in Givat Shmuel (just outside of TA, close to Bnei Brak and across the street from Bar Ilan Univeristy) to hang out, watch the incredible (Israelis are funny) American show "Jack V'Jill" (Jack and Jill), and eat an incredible Israeli dinner, courtesy of Shiran's mom. Her sister is just out of high school and working in a bakery, and it's fun to talk about American TV with her. Her dad is from South America, and we butcher English, Hebrew, Spanish and a little American Sign Language (ok, that was just me) together. He's a happy, communicating man, and a rocking good time. Shiran's mom doesn't like to speak English, but she gets everything I say in Hebrew and English.

They're like my Israeli host family. I feel at home with Shiran and her mishpacha.

After dinner, we went to Hertzeliya, a port city close to Tel Aviv, to walk on the boardwalk and just hang out. There was an incredible art show on display -- big, painted flowers (like the Chicago cows) that were all done by high school students at an area high school. We had fun taking pictures of the flowers. It was a lovely night!

Rach and I (after a hilarious mad car chase) caught the bus from Bnei Brak back to Jerusalem. The bus was GROSS -- it was dirty and smelly and the AC didn't work. Rach and I were also 2 of very few people not dressed "modestly" on the bus. I wonder if, sociologically, the buses that run from poorer neighborhood (BB) are not kept up as well? The bus from Jerusalem Central Bus Station to the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station is always very nice, with a mix of dati (religious) and chiloni (secular), and it's clean. Maybe it was because it was 9:45 at night. Maybe I should be doing my thesis on the sociology of inter-city buses in Israel.

Gotta go -- we're buying Lulav and Etrog today for Sukkot (I'll explain on the next post) and then RAFI will be here! Wheeee!

I love my Shiran!

We make a great team! Rachel, Shiran and I enjoy Hertzeliya!

For a girl with wanderlust, the greatest fixture on the boardwalk -- where to go next?!

Political messages from high schoolers -- very cool.

Wishes for all of the fine things in life in Chamsas, hand charms that are meant to protect the wearer or bearer from the evil eye.

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