23 September 2007

Not Even Heavy Dew...

"It never rains at Interlaken, there's only heavy dew." - Little Howie W

When the director of Interlaken sent me an email before my summer in Wisconsin, I thought for a bit that he meant it really doesn't rain in Wisconsin. I thought, how nice, we don't have to do any rain plans for programs, and I don't have to pack my super-heavy boots. A few seconds later, reasonable thought set in, and I realized that heavy dew is the CIL euphemism for any sort of precipitation, from drizzle to hurricane.

In Israel, it just DOES NOT RAIN during the summer (very much like 2nd session at Interlaken, actually). In fact, there are prayers for rain that are included in Jewish liturgy during the winter, the only time that there is even a chance for so-called heavy dew. So, for the time being, I'm enjoying the weather, which is perfect. Every day.

Some of you know that I don't trust weather.com (this may be due to the stand-up comedy of Lewis Black), but sometimes, I just expect them to get it right, with a rather large margin of error (5 inches of snow and 3 feet are just not in the same ballpark). Even so, in the states, I check the weather all the time. In Israel, I've stopped my daily, obsessive, weather.com Jerusalem page visits, because I know it's a high of 80, and a low of 60.

But today, there are clouds outside of my window. I find this suspect. What is going on in the Holy Land? It's not supposed to rain until after Shemini Atzeret -- so I have like 10 days of rain-free weather. Or do I?

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