20 September 2007

A Visit of Biblical...Proportions

Today we went to the Biblical Zoo. It's located near Malcha, a neighborhood I know because I spent a lovely Friday night at a house there in January. Getting there took forever, but when we arrived, the student rate (33 sheqels / $8.25) gave us admission to my favorite activity. No, not seeing wild animals. Hilarious pictures with SBB!

After the zoo, Rachel and I visited another mall, where I continued my search for the perfect backpack. I, once again, came up with nothing. We did find success in the mall, however, in the form of a chocolate croissant and Shoko Cham (hot chocolate). Also, we visited the grocery store, which of COURSE is located in the ground floor of the mall (where else would it be?), where I bought some Shanah Tovah Diet Coke for Allison and me. I also got "Gevinah Krem" which I hope translates literally to "cream cheese," otherwise there's going to be some gross stuff to put on bagels at break the fast on Saturday night.

Big and lazy...and there's a tortise in the picture, too!

Keeping cool with the lady on the ice cream truck!

Thinking about a Maplewood Elementary School Owl / Being Wise in Nivonim 2006 / Harry Potter's pet owl, Hedwig.

Time for a tangent. Shanah Tovah Diet Coke is one of the best things I've seen thus far in Israel. The spirit of the Jewish New Year (it started last week) is very similar to the Christmas spirit in the states. The Diet Coke labels are adorned with icons of metallic ribbons and shiny rimonim (pomagranates) and they visually sing out "Shanah Tovah!" (Happy New Year!) In stores -- from the hippie skirt store to the massive grocery store -- and in movie theaters, from OFFICE DEPOT to Burger King, from cabs rides to chats with the cell phone company, everyone wishes you "Shanah Tovah!" The holiday spirit is alive and well here in Ha'aretz! (The Land).

As I go into Yom Kippur, I know I should be looking forward to feeling holy and renewed for a year of life and happiness. But to be honest, as good as it's going to be, I am just really excited that after YK, Rafi will get to Israel. Yay!

This is what will be awaiting Rafi at the airport:

PS-This is me at the Palmach Museum, looking scandalous in my tube top!

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