16 September 2007

SB [can't] Phone Home

A small rant, in roll call format:

Her name is SB,
She's in the Moshava Germanit,
To get a cell phone,
Apparently, it is a feat.


Her name is SB,
It frustrates her,
She ordered her phone,
For the 10th of September.


Her name's SB,
She's all alone,
Can't call her boyfriend,
On the cell phone.


Her name's SB,
Chag for 3 days,
Rosh Hashanah, then Shabbat,
Means no cell phone plays.


Her name's SB,
She's kind of pissed,
Maybe the phone delivery,
She just missed?


What Israel Phones should send in addition to my cell phone (Picture taken on Dec 28th, when I received flowers and was talking on my IsraelPhones cell phone that incidentially was delivered when it was supposed to be):

(Thank you to Rafi and Rachel for making this picture possible.)

What I'll settle for at this point:


Rachel said...

Although I think Israel Phones did a terrible job getting you your phone on time...we should give them credit for what happened this afternoon. Sorry I can't tell the story in the form of a roll call! :) But this afternoon I received a phone call on my Israel Phones saying that they had your phone to deliver and were coming to the apartment. When you told them that actually, we weren't home, we were in the Hadar Mall, they came there instead! That was definitely (very belated) commitment! AND NOW YOU HAVE A PHONE!!!! YAY!!!! (and its free for me to call you!!)

Dr JayB said...

well, I did leave a comment, but google wiped it out. I just said that I am enjoying your blog, and that I hope the academic aspects of your year do not get started as disorganized as your cell phone hunt. And I expressed thanks to Rachel for her update that all is well, and I lost somewhere Rafi's e-mail, and would like to know how the "rabbinating" went for him. So he can e mail me then I will have his e-mail again, right?