08 September 2007

Off to Israel!

As promised, I've decided to open a bee-log (blogs are too common) for my time in Israel. For now, it's simple and I'll probably develop an addiction to make my bee-log a happening place.

For the time being, this is what you get:

1. The Name: Sara Beth was taken. Therefore, I got SaraBethB.blogspot.com. I would like to remind some of my critics that this is because I am known by my full name, even if I won't be posting my last name on the bee-log.

2. The Title: I decided to title my bee-log "Ehh, How Do You Say...Sara Bet?" because in Hebrew, my name is confusing. There is no "th" sound in the Hebrew alphabet, and most Israelis, when they say my name, pause ("Ehh") and then ask how to pronounce Beth.
a. There is a grammatical operator known as the ChipChuk (please don't check my spelling on this one) that you put after the t-sounding letter to make a "th" sound. It fails miserably. Trust me, I've tried.
b. In addition, the Hebrew alphabet can be used for counting. Aleph is the 1st letter of the alphabet, and Bet is the 2nd. The second most common comment about my name is, "You are Sara Bet? The who is Sara Aleph?" Hahahaha, that's like asking me if my refrigerator is running. Never gets old.

3. Me: After my summer at camp, I am off to spend about 9 months in Israel. In America, JTS is teaching my Davidson classmates in person, a group of new kids are trying to be funny in Foundations, and New York City will survive without me. I want to be the best Jewish Educator I can be. So here I am...in Israel for 2007-2008.

My flight is at 7:55PM tomorrow from JFK. If I don't get bumped, I will be arriving at Ben-Gurion at 1:15PM.


Rachel said...

yay! an Israel blog!
can't wait to see you!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I got to speak with you before you left....literally while you were on the plane. Have a safe trip and see you real soon!!

Mr. M.

Mark said...

You know your name is just "Sara," right?

No but seriously, I look forward to the bloggage