15 May 2008

Happy Birthday, Israel! Again! From NYC!

I just saw the video embedded below on Gawker. This Gawker writer, whose pieces I generally enjoy, and who just yesterday did a post about Obama and the Jews, found the below item on JPost, who got it from Heeb. The digital world is truly tiny. (And I'm sure there's something I can use for my thesis in this little exercise of digital chain-identification.)

The moral of the story? Writing breaks are F-U-N. Alternatively, one could say that I simply spend too much time messing around on my Google Reader.

Also, happy birthday, still, Israel! Yesterday was the official English calendar date of Israeli Independence Day.

Where are the accents? And this music would NEVER fly in Israel, even on Galgalatz!

This post is brought to you by my need to self-distract during large chunks of work.

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