27 May 2008

I Should...

I should be working on my finals. I have read for my Day School class, I have written reaction papers to the classes I'm missing, I've scanned Classics and I'm reviewing my Hebrew vocabulary and grammar.

I should also be packing. I have the world's largest suitcase packed. I have the world's second largest and probably most beaten up suitcase waiting for me to throw my beloved pillow (purchased from WalMart in Gainesville, probably in 2002) and stuff into it.

I should be showering. I walked around Tel Aviv today for a few hours. I love me my Tel Aviv Tuesdays.

I should be doing laundry. I need to do laundry so I can throw in my sheets in the morning, before school.

I should be going...and I will be. At this time tomorrow, I will be at Tel Aviv-Yaffo Ben Gurion International Airport, waiting to board my plane to JFK.

For now, I review Hebrew, and think about the last Israeli snackage I will experience. Rafi chose the Avatiach / Watermelon popsicle (well, I chose it for him) for the night before he left. Rafi would make aliyah for these popsicles. Me? Well...I don't really like watermelon-flavored things. But the watermelon in Israel? Amazing.

Rafi's at camp already. This picture is from LAST Tuesday.

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