25 May 2008

OMG Shoes

My cousin Gloria was surprised that I hadn’t purchased sandals in Israel (she doesn’t know about my shoe collection here, and in the states…). So, after talking to her about my Naot collection (still going strong since 1999), I ended up buying shoes last week with my friend Dena (she's an enabler).

The shoes are green. And pink. And yellow. And orange. They are crazy and Israeli and they are beautiful.

This picture is what love looks like.

I love them so much that as soon as Shabbat started the shoes went on, and they didn’t come off until late Saturday night. I walked all over my neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods. I walked around downtown. I walked a LOT. This was not the wisest way to break in my new shoes, but whatever. The shoes are really, amazingly cool, even if my feet are KILLING me now.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go rebandage my blisters.

Where blisters come from...

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Melanie said...

wow those are amazing! i may have to steal them...