14 April 2008

Birthright Season, Part 2

I wanted to post another series of pictures of illustrious visitors. Only some came on Birthright, but, as I said to my cousin on the phone earlier today, I have enjoyed Jerusalem's appeal as a tourist destination. I have been surprised how so many more visit in Jerusalem than even visit NYC.

Below are a few photos of people I love who came to see me in the past 4 months or so.

Coming soon...many more visitors over the next 7 or so weeks.

Jamie staffed Birthright -- back when it was chilly.

My dear friend Avi participated in Birthright - which was funny for me, as his former co-staff.

Diana, a friend from growing up in Coral Springs and at Beth Am, was on WUJS, and our paths crossed at the Shlichim seminar and at a Holler show.

Rebbetzin Andrea and I enjoy lobby-time.
I was SO happy to see these faces from South Florida!
Rafi and I spend some quality time (QSBT or SBBQT or whatever you want to call it, it was quality and it was fun) with Andrea and Rabbi Michael.
Andrea and Michael introduced me to the Kwellers.
Hotel lobby time can be all sorts of fun.

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