18 April 2008

Yetzer HaRah and Yetzer HaTov

Actual conversation:

Lisa: How's your Yetzer HaRah doing? (bad part of myself, you're supposed to clean it out with the hametz.)
SBB: It's pretty awful. I think that's why I got so sick.
Lisa: Really?
SBB: No!

My mom sent me a picture of the world's cutest nephew (objectively speaking, of course), in order to make me feel better. So far, it's not really working, although I do love looking at this kid's pictures.

Behold, Aaron Kyle, the Yetzer HaTov (the good spirit):

"Well, yes, I AM the cutest nephew ever. Thanks for noticing and Hag Sameach / Happy Holiday!"

1 comment:

free as a berde said...

you do NOT have the cutest nephew ever! I DO! objectively speaking, of course.