11 April 2008

Down with Filth!

Today, after spending quite a long time disgusted with the cleanliness levels in my dear apartment, I declared to my roommate Lisa that I was going to mop. After throwing together a delectable, pareve (dairy-free, and yes, I'm serious) batch of oatmeal cookies, I did some JTS work and then it was time to mop.

We hadn't mopped in many moons. We do Swiffer and sweep regularly. I also do my fair share of cleaning up shattered stuff -- applesauce jars, chili sauce bottles (the fridge hates me and spills glass on my feet often) -- but that's just spot cleaning. We are also constantly cleaning kitchen surfaces, because the Antalones think they own the place. This was all-out war on filth.

Shiran taught me how to Israeli-mop when she was here for Simchat Torah and we made a big mess. We filled our sustainable-recycling Diet Coke bottle-turned-cleaning vessel (it says "Shanah Tovah!" on it) with the bright pink soap (it can't be all bad if it's pink, right?) and some water, and then started having at it.

We mopped the kitchen. We beat the rug outside, and I didn't have an allergy attack! We mopped the living room. We mopped the bathrooms, upstairs and down. We mopped the laundry-landing, and I mopped most of my room. I even watered the maybe-dead, maybe-not plant.

We also talked about Spring cleaning vs. Hametz-busting (getting rid of bready, not-Passover-friendly stuff), and how it's important to focus on cleaning out the bread stuff, and the bad stuff, from our lives, with less focus on, say, searching under the couch for old potato chips. Indeed, after today, I can proudly say that potato chips found living under couches are indeed, no longer edible, and then do not really count at Hametz.

Next week, we'll really kasher. In the meantime, this mini-spring cleaning has left the apartment with the sparkle of a million ethically mined diamonds...one thousand recycled aluminum cans...a hundred freshly-waxed Priuses...or 10 stars, twinkling in the sky.

It's the hard knock life for us.
It's the hard knock life for us.
'Stead of treated, we get tricked.
'Stead of kisses, we get kicked.
It's the hard knock life.


racheariel said...

Thanks for watering the definitely not dead plant! Just cause its turning brown does not mean that it is dying! :)

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free as a berde said...

believe it or not, israeli mopping is one of the things i really miss about israel. especially after the toilet flooded in my bathroom. all i wished was that my bathroom had a drain in the floor or that i could mop the water out the door into the hallway like i used to do in israel.
oh israel how i love thee