09 April 2008

One Sixty-Sixth!

This is a few days late, but I haven't talked to my brother in a few days.

As you may or may not know, the Washington Post (a newspaper known mainly for its fine military funeral coverage) won 6 Pulitzers! Since I hadn't talked to Mark recently, we just had this GChat conversation* and I thought I would congratulate my little, tiny, minuscule baby brother for winning...wait for it...1/66th of a Pulitzer Prize!

*as the sister of a Pulitzer Prize-splitting journalist, I have taken the liberty of doing a little editorial work. I just moved a few lines around, to make it readable.

SBB: hey. congrats on your pulitzer. your work is really quite stunning.
Mark: hahahaha. i won 1/66th of a pulitzer, technically!
Mark: (the entire metro desk won one for the virginia tech coverage)
SBB: yay!
SBB: you contributed on one of the articles?
Mark: and i was one of 66 ppl who contributed
SBB: yay! haha nice.
Mark: and thank you sis!

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