05 April 2008

Stuff Young Sara Beths Like

I am back from my Shabbat in the North, and I'll write about that soon. For now...let's talk about Stuff White People Like. It's the latest fad in blog-followers. My favorite spinoff? Stuff Young Jewish Adults Like.

Every once in a while, I find something online that describes me. Here is the latest installment, courtesy of Stuff Young Jewish Adults Like.

Also, something to consider: http://reader.google.com. I use Google Reader to track headlines from a variety of major newspapers, blogs, funny quotes, and the occasional observation about famous people (I know, I can't help it, ok?). Sign up for a Google Reader -- it's easy to set up and it'll change your life!


Meredith said...

Love the google reader.

Allison said...

it, too, has changed my life.

oh and made me the best procrastinator EVER.

free as a berde said...

since we're not in the same city this year, i'd forgotten that sometimes i actually think we're the same person. this post proves my point. (i posted basically the same thing on my blog!) weird.