08 April 2008

Happy Birthday, Zayde!

My Zayde, my grandfather is the man who turned my average, everyday blog into an original "blob." This fabulous man celebrates his birthday today. He's 16 now, and ready to take to the road. Or he's 90. Sometimes, it's hard to tell, because he's so incredibly youthful in spirit.

Today, I talked to him about his birthday. Here are two gems:

SBB: Be a well-behaved lady on your birthday, Zayde.
Zayde: I'm not a lady any more. They had a procedure called a bris, and I made the cut!


SBB: You're funny.
Zayde: Around the face, at least.

I'm going to go, as I have a two-day Hebrew midterm ahead of me and some heavy work to do. And, as I told my grandparents, and I have been telling everybody who asks, I am leaving Israel on May 29th at 1AM (Bubbie, in an act of Zayde-like humor, said, "Oh, just before breakfast." My response? "Just after dinner, actually."). Much work to be done before then.

But for now, happy birthday to the man who is clearly not just my grandfather, but the godfather of my family's school of humor.

Zayde (left) and his sons, my dad and my uncles! A fine-lookin' bunch, I'd say.

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Melanie said...

It's my Zadie's birthday tomorrow! He is a funny guy as well :-)