25 April 2008

More Matt Bar

So, last week, I was feeling really terrible. The only thing I could drag myself to blob about, other than complaining about the doctors here (by the way, my dad was 100% right), was Matt Bar. So imagine my happiness when I saw this Forward article posted last night. The writer, Bari, is a friend of Elie's (Rafi's brother), and she's great. Let's hear it for Matt Bar and Bari!

I'm glad she didn't use the quote where I said that Matt would be great to perform at camp, better than an "aging Backstreet Boy." Let's hear it for the new generation!

Passover draws to a close this weekend. So take this opportunity to watch the Pesach rap one more time....Shabbat Shalom, Moadim L'simcha, v'chag sameach v'kasher!

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